Saturday, 2 June 2007

A practical example of H's fear of speaking.

We were int he park and H was on one of the swings. With 3 other kids to attend of course I couldn't keep my eye out for him all the time. The 2 elder brothers were playing Kubb with me on the other team with a Danish boy who comes sometimes to our park. Another family were also around the swings. Next thing the mother near the swings tells me i should perhaps check my child (H) on the swing. He was very upset, in silent tears, because I hadn't come to push him on the swings. He hadn't had courage to even make a loud noise to attract my attention, let alone call my name. Later on that night before bed he was quite upset just thinking about it. We talked through what would have been a better thing to do to get my attention (call my name) but he wasn't sure if he could do it if people were there.
Today we were in the park and we practised him saying my name, louder and louder as I moved further away from the swings. Of course later on when some people came he got quieter but did manage to say 'push me' quietly. Don't know if I'd have heard it my attention was elsewhere.

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