Wednesday, 29 August 2007

H managed to join in a bit with the Al fatihah recitation playgroup yesterday. I was really pleased as I didn't think he's want to participate. I'm hoping the fact he's becoming one of the older ones in his group as in nursery, he'll feel more confident, inshaAllah.
Have got a meeting today to discuss his hours at nursery. we feel he should stay for snack time in the afternoon as he enjoys it and asks to go. As he is now 4 and we get 15 hours a week for free there are always the bureaucratic hurdles to overcome with this. Also his special needs teacher is going to ask the psychologist to observe him. Funny we have a Psychologist coming for his restricted interaction and for S it was for his unrestricted (i.e. misbehaving!) Good job we have M in the middle or I'd be worrying I was the worst parent in the world!!